Product Benefits

Enjoyment without qualms, plus the ideal weight:

Our modern lifestyles leave us less and less time for considered shopping or adequate time to prepare meals properly. As a result, many people eat too much fat, too much sugar and too much in general. 75% of Europeans would like to reduce their daily calorie consumption. Most people would like to improve their eating habits without foregoing the enjoyment of sweet foods and drinks. Our sweetener products make it easier to diet without having to give up sweet foods and drinks.

Most people want to stay slim and fit all their days. Everyday things are often the great enemy here. There are countless temptations that make it difficult for us to keep our figures. But we don’t have to give up enjoyment if we remember that our bodies also need exercise and relaxation. Using Süssina sweeteners is also another way to avoid the many (often too many) calories that everyday life offers and we don’t even need. Süssina enables weight-conscious people and diabetics to enjoy sweet foods without having to pay for them in calories and bread units.


As the contents of our products have no effect on the formation of insulin or blood sugar levels, SÜSSINA helps diabetics stick to their diets without their having to go without sweet foods and drinks.

Worldwide, over 100 million people with diabetes lead largely trouble-free lives. By following a new nutritional pattern, you can live a virtually trouble-free life even with diabetes.

There is no need to entirely give up the pleasures and joys of eating. A correct diet makes for health and well-being.

With a balanced, full, mixed diet with not much fat, not much salt and not much sugar, you get effective treatment of diabetes and nutritional therapy.

Lifestyle is also important here in decisively influencing the quality and expectation of life.

Süssina sweeteners offer a possible alternative to sugar. Süssina spoils you with a good sweet flavour. Controlling dosage with the dispenser is very straightforward, so you don’t need to calculate bread units.

Teeth care - caries:

Every drink containing sugar and every meal with carbohydrates in it reduces the pH value in the mouth for about half an hour. During this period, harmful bacteria find ideal conditions to flourish and damage teeth and gums. The switch to sweeteners therefore has a positive effect in the fight against caries

Caries is a word for the destruction or demineralisation of the inorganic part of the teeth by acidic metabolic products that arise when oral bacteria cause fermentable carbohydrates in foods (sugar, starch) to ferment into acids. The acids thus generated attack the tooth enamel, and over time this generates caries. Children are particularly prone to caries.

Value for money:

Bearing in mind the sheer sweetening power of sweeteners, it can be assumed that sweeteners are just as good value as sugar.

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